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About Us

The purpose of the Eastern Ontario Beekeepers Association (EOBA) is to bring together beekeepers from Ottawa and the surrounding regions to: 

  • Assist its members and others interested in bees and beekeeping;

  • Assist members with their beekeeping problems;

  • Cooperate with the (OMAF) Ministry of Agriculture and Food ;

  • Disseminate the latest beekeeping information;

  • Exchange new beekeeping ideas and to educate the public at large;

  • Promote good marketing practices;

  • Promote improvement of the beekeeping industry in Eastern Ontario;

  • Provide opportunities for members to meet and discuss their challenges and successes.

EOBA Charter

This Association was formed in the 1960’s in the city of Ottawa and embraced the name, “Eastern Ontario Beekeepers’ Association.” The following are the bylaws of this Association under which this Association shall be conducted, as modified at a General Meeting.


The name of the Association shall be the Eastern Ontario Beekeepers’ Association which is also referred to as the Association in this Charter. 


The purposes of the Eastern Ontario Beekeepers’ Association are:

  • to assist its members and others interested in bees and beekeeping;

  • to promote improvement of the beekeeping industry;

  • to provide opportunities for members to meet and discuss beekeeping issues;

  • to liase with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food;

  • to promote good marketing practices;

  • to disseminate beekeeping information;

  • to exchange beekeeping ideas and to educate the public at large.



Section 1. Any person who is interested in beekeeping shall be eligible for membership in the Association.

Section 2. No person may become a member of the Association without payment of membership fees.

Section 3. New members joining during any given year shall pay the annual dues for the calendar year of the Association. No dues, no voting privileges.

Section 4. A Membership card shall be issued to each paid-up member and is not transferable.

Section 5. Lifetime memberships may be granted to persons as Honourary members who, in the opinion of the Executive of the Association, have made a significant contribution to the Association.



Section 1. The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on the 1st day of January and end on the 31th day of December of that year.

Section 2. The Annual meeting for the Association shall be held at the fall meeting for the purpose of electing the Executive for the ensuing year.

Section 3. The new Executive will take office the day following the election.

Section 4. A Special meeting of the members may be called at any time by a majority of the Executive, whenever they deem the meeting necessary or advisable, for any special purpose.

Section 5. Each Regular meeting of the Association shall be made known to each member at least eight days prior to said meeting. The mailing and/or e-mailing of newsletters showing agenda, time and place of any meeting shall be considered sufficient notification.

Section 6. Special meetings shall not transact any business other than that for which it is called and appearing in any written notice calling said meeting.

Section 7. At the Annual, Regular or Special meetings of the Association, 10%  members in number shall form a quorum.



Section 1. The officers of the Association shall be the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and Directors. This body shall be known as the Executive.

Section 2. The Executive shall be elected in accordance with the bylaws of the Association.

Section 3. At any meeting of the Executive, the president and two elected officers shall form a quorum.

Section 4. The Executive shall have the power to act for and on behalf of the Association, and all grants of monies and funds of the Association shall be received and expended under their direction, subject to the bylaws and regulations of the Association.  There shall be an auditor appointed by the Executive whose duties will be to audit the financial records of the Association and report to the Annual General Meeting.

Section 5. The Executive shall appoint all standing committees, subject to the approval of the membership.



Section 1. The Executive shall direct the business and affairs of the Association and make rules and regulations for the use of its services by its members, consistent with these bylaws.

Section 2. The President shall:

a)      Preside over all meetings of the Association and the Executive;

b)      Call special meetings of the Association and the Executive;

c)       Perform all acts and duties required of an Executive and Presiding Officer including the appointment of various special committees that may be required for the proper functioning of the Association;

d)      Appoint a nominating committee from among the members, which shall consist of two members and the President. Their duties are to submit a slate of nominees for offices for the ensuing term at the Annual Meeting. Consent must be obtained from the nominees proposed for the office, prior to submitting their names. Nominations may also be made from the floor; however, consent must be obtained from the nominee prior to the nomination.

Section 3. In the absence of the President, or because of his/her disability or inability to serve, the Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President.

Section 4. Treasurer shall:

a)      Keep a complete list of members and their telephone numbers and addresses;

b)      Issue membership cards to those who have paid their dues and of whom the Treasurer shall issue receipts of such payment upon request;

c)       Have custody of all books, papers and records belonging to the Association which he/she shall deliver, when authorized to do so, by resolution of the Executive, to such person or persons as are named in the said resolution;

d)      Receive and disburse all funds of the Association;

e)      Sign as Treasurer, all cheques and other obligations of the Association, co-signed by a member designated by the executive;

f)       Keep an accurate account of all the financial transactions of the Association in books belonging to the Association;

g)      Make a full report of all matters pertaining to this office to the members at the Annual Meeting;

h)      He/she shall give a copy of the audited financial statement to the executive;

i)        Deposit in a Canadian Chartered Bank or Canadian Financial Institute, of his/her choice, all monies of the Association, in the name of the Association.

Section 5. The Secretary Shall:

a)      Ensure all members have been notified of Regular and Special meetings, unless receiving other instructions, as to form of notification (such as newsletters);

b)      Write letters as directed by the President or Executive;

c)       Keep an accurate and complete record of all meetings of the Association. Arrange to post the minutes of each meeting on the EOBA website and forward an electronic copy of the same to the executive.

Section 6. If a vacancy occurs in the Executive it shall be filled, for the un-expired term, by Executive appointment from among the membership of the Association.

Section 7. At any meeting of the Association, when there is an equality of votes, the President shall have a casting vote.

Section 8. The Directors shall:

a)      Represent if possible different parts of the area;

b)      Be able to attend meetings at various levels; and

c)      Head various committees and the Executive will decide duties.



Membership fees shall be reviewed and determined at each Annual Meeting. Membership fees shall be payable on or before the 31st day of December to cover the ensuing year.



The members shall, from among the membership of the Association, elect an executive consisting of at least three members.



The Association shall be operated on a non-profit basis and monetary surpluses, if any, upon dissolution of the Association shall be paid to the Ontario Beekeepers Association to further studies and research into beekeeping.



Neither the Association, nor any of its members shall enter into any agreement or contract, to purchase or otherwise acquire any goods or services on behalf of the Association, without prior consent of the Executive. Any persons contravening this practice shall be solely responsible for and liable for any obligations so incurred.

All substantial expenditures for unique or one time goods and services shall require the signature of the president and 3 officers of the executive on an “Approval to purchase” Document for the purposes of audit of EOBA financial accounts.



Section 1. The terms of this charter may be amended at the Annual Meeting or a Special meeting, by a two-third majority of the members present in the affirmative.

Section 2. Notice of such amendments must be contained in the notice calling the said meeting.


A bylaw may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the Association.

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