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Join date: Feb 8, 2023


My name is Lisa Vaughan. I am a beekeeper in the Jasper Ontario area. November 2019 I decided to research about becoming a beekeeper and took the Introduction to Beekeeping through the TTP. I ordered 2 Nucs and was ready to start beekeeping. Covid hit as I was getting my hives and training didn't happen due to the Covid restrictions. I researched as much as I could and managed to get some training through Lacelle's apiary and that was a great help for hands on. I made it through my first year and first winter no losses. The beginning of 2022 when I opened my hives all were lost and so many unanswered questions why. After having great conversations with Johnny De Matos, getting a new queen I have learned more about what I need to be watching for. I have checked my bees twice through the winter and they are still going strong. My plan going into my 3rd year is to start building my business and wanting to create Queens. I also advise and encourage friends to become a beekeeper and assist them in where to get bees, what they need to start and how to register. The most important to check for Mites and what that is doing to the bees. I look forward to upcoming meetings and being apart of the Eastern Ontario Beekeepers Association.


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